Professionals of various experience, coming not only from the world of wine, who intended to consolidate, with continuity, the distribution and positioning of Italian wines across the border, not relying on importers, but directly opening their own companies in Brazil, Colombia, USA and other countries foreigners

Some of the most important wineries in the various Italian regions participate in the sale of their wines successfully.

All foreign companies are coordinated by a staff of professionals headed by Nova Terra srl ​​based in Verona.

Nova Terra Srl operates as a strategic and operational reference platform for two major consortia of leading wine producers and deals with the selection of supplies, logistics and employs experienced collaborators in the various stages necessary for a timely delivery of wines on the various markets (evaluation of wines , choice of products for each market, graphic layout of labels, text translation, international regulations, transport, administrative processes and export certifications for each country).

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